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Simply Flawless 

Ready to grow your business and learn new services? Our advanced education classes are designed to develop your business sense and excel your success as a hair extensions expert. Guests are more than welcome to search for personal needs.


Hair Extensions

These are simple for those low maintenance clients.



Easy to take in and out!

Is there such a thing as a low maintenance hair extension?

The answer to your question is YES. Clip-Ins and Crowns are an easy up-sell to any stylist & an awesome idea for busy clients who want to maintain their hair at their discretion. Blend them for your clients & set them up for the best at home care routine.

What are Clip-Ins? Babe’s Clip-In hair extensions offer quick applications and low-maintenance new looks. Simple clip-ins add stylish bangs or lusciously long locks in minutes, which equals happy clients for you, babe.

What are Crowns? Another name heard is Halo. Crown hair extensions turn any client’s hair into their crowning glory. Add insta-hair with a whole extension piece that rests on the client’s head (literally, a crown!). Super fast to install and super fast to remove, yet oh so versatile, too.

Are you ready to add these techniques & training to your chair? Book a one-on-one class with me to visually get hands on practice to feel more confident in your work. 


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